Karmel “Totus Tuss” Karmelittklosteret, Tromsø, Norway


"Totus Tuus"
Immaculate Virginis Decoris Carmeli

  "All yours", Immaculate Virgin, the beauty of Carmel. 


Our community belongs to The Teresian Carmel founded in 1562 by St. Teresa of Jesus, a religious family within The Catholic Church.We are called to belong to The Discalced Nuns of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel, a family consecrated in a special way to loving and venerating the Holy Mother of God.
We live our contemplative ecclesial life in an atmosphere that integrates, on the one hand, solitude and silence, with a sisterly communion of life in a family, on the other. The ideal of the family is the life of Jesus with his disciples; centred on love for the Lord, and ruled by a sisterly charity and generous evangelical self-denial.

Our prayer, our sacrifice and our entire life are directed toward the service of the Church.